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Play-Doc Books 1 (English)

ISBN: 978-84-944919-7-9

Formato: 15 x 21

Páginas: 148

Precio: 18.00 EUR


María Míguez / Víctor Paz

Version in spanish

Charles Burnett is a legend of North American independent cinema. His classic Killer of Sheep (1977) was one of the first films to be catalogued as of special interest and worthy of preservation by the United States Library of Congress. With a style that portrays the Afro-American community with honesty and intimacy, his filmography follows the trajectory of blackness in his country, pausing in relevant historical moments such as slavery in the southern states, the struggle for civil rights, and class conflict in the present day. A brilliant chronicler of his time, he is, for Jonathan Rosenbaum, “the most gifted and important black filmmaker this country has ever had”.

Play-Doc is an international film festival born in 2005, which is celebrated in the city of Tui in the province of Pontevedra. Each year, the event seeks to shed light on an eminent director unknown to the larger public. When the screenings have ended, Play-Doc Books will allow a continued exploration of their work.


Prologue. Who Will Protect and Respect, Inspire and Nurture This Black Woman Filmmaker?
Alile Sharon Larkin

Introduction. Full of Anger, but Without Hate
María Míguez and Víctor Paz

Interview. Influences and First Steps – The Struggle for an Identity – A Filmmaker from Watts – A Troublesome Filmmaker – Folklore and Blues – Lost and Future Projects
María Míguez and Víctor Paz

On Location
María Míguez

Charles Burnett's Urban Blues as Agency: Killer of Sheep (1977) and To Sleep with Anger (1990)
Mark A. Reid

Notes on Humor and Comedy in Charles Burnett
James Naremore

Girls with Watchful Eyes: Charles Burnett's Cinema for Children
María Míguez






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